‘Symptoms of masculinity’ Round-table Discussion

Trianon cinema was filled with an audience eager to discuss with involved experts from diverse fields, coming together to analyse gender-based violence as a symptom of dominant masculinity and alternative ways to discuss the concept and reexamine its meaning.
The panel involved Anna Kouroupou, director of Red Umbrella Athens, who shared her experience of trans activism and precarity as a trans sexworker; Anna Maria Papacharalambous, an actress that is among the ones who inspired the explosion of the #metoo movement in Greece, coming forward to share her experience of gender based violence in the arts sector; Dimitris Terzis, a journalist with many years of experience, discussing how gender roles have changed in this demanding sector; Aggeliki Serafeim, a lawyer who explained what could be achieved if femicides were recognized as such by the law; and Antonis Poulios, psychoanalyst, sharing his thoughts on the influence of the gender binary in the construction of the human psyche. The panel was facilitated by Mel Kalfanti, member of PDSFF’s curatorial team and doctoral student.
The audience remained invested in the panel discussion and had a lively participation in the following discussion, sharing professional and personal experiences on the topic.

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