Positively Different Short Film Festival Travels to France

On the occasion of the international meeting on European values and the value of Europe that took place in Loche, France, organised by Europe en Berry Tourraine, PDSFF conveyed a message of equality, empathy and solidarity. An audience of great diversity, adolescents, youngsters and elderly people from 20 European countries, enjoyed a special screening from the 2020 and 2021 collection, offering an intersectional view on contemporary challenges of European communities. Able-bodiness, sexuality, age, refugeeship and mental health were among the issues touched through fiction and documentary movies from across Europe. The screening included the following movies:

Happy, 8’, Greece
At Night I Dream, 16’, Luxemburg
At the Schoolyard, 10’, Greece
I See in the Dark, 16’, Slovenia
Down the Wire, 14’, Italy

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