When is the festival?

PDSFF takes place every year in March in Athens but also screens curated sets and awarded shorts in
10 European cities throughout the year.

Where does the festival takes place?

PDSFF takes place in various venues across the city with a main screening venue downtown.

What kinds of films does PDSFF screen?

PDSFF screens shorts (up to 30′ long) addressing the topic of intersectionality. We are after shorts that reflect bold visions and personal urgency. Our team is interested in the stories of characters, communities and individuals that, due to their identities and life-experiences, remain unseen.

How can I submit my short?

Submissions are open July to September. We are accepting submissions through filmfreeway.com.

Is there a cash prize?

All our awards come with a cash prize in an effort to practically support filmmakers and creatives. For more information about PDSFF awards, please visit our page in filmfreeway.com