What do I do if a film or film set has a content warning?

The content warning has been added by the festival's curatorial team to let viewers know that the films may contain some difficult scenes (e.g. violence, abuse). If you are uncomfortable with such scenes, it is recommended that you carefully read the set descriptions before purchasing a ticket or entering the movie theater.

Are the films suitable for children?

There will be specially designed and curated screenings for teens. The films are not suitable for children.

Is the space accessible for people with mobility difficulties?

Astor Cinema is not accessible to people with mobility difficulties. However, PDSFF will be installing a wheelchair lift for the days of the festival. Thus, Astor Cinema and the surrounding area on the days of the festival will be accessible to people with mobility difficulties.

How does one get to Astor Cinema?

Astor Cinema is easy to reach, as it is located in the heart of the city. The “University/Panepistimio” stop is the most convenient for whoever is using the metro/bus/trolley. Astor is located on Korai Square, in Stoa Korai, Stadium 28.

What language is the festival held in?

PDSFF is a multilingual festival at its core. PDSFF films come from all over the world, are screened in their original language, while Greek and English subtitles are provided for each film.

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