PDSFF23 Volunteers Training

On October 22 & 23, returning and new volunteers, along with the organisers of the Positively Different Short Film Festival, gathered at Inter Alia’s office for a two-day training.

Silent discussion

For the purposes of the first day of the training, which aimed to familiarise the participants with inclusion and privilege, the methodology of silent conversation was implemented. Silent conversation aims at providing participants with equal opportunities and a safe space where they can freely express their opinions in writing.

Three large poster-size papers were laid out on the floor, each one posing a different question:

“What does intersectionality mean for you?”
“Which identities, experiences, social positions affect your life and that of the people around you?”
“How do you think inclusivity is created? What do you need for a safe space and how do you make it for others?”

The participants were given markers and post-its and were encouraged to walk around the room, answer questions, respond to what others have written, leave comments and share thoughts.

At the end of the activity, everyone had the opportunity to speak in a group discussion and reflect on the process.

On the second day of the training, emphasis was placed on the film selection process. We talked about the festival’s values and approach, about the concept of content warning and about addressing violence without providing any extra space for it.


In order to simulate the process of the film selection, three short films were screened from the previous years:

  • At Intersections (6’)
  • This is Right; Zak Life and After (13’)
  • Feeling Through (18’)

This gave the opportunity for discussion on specific films. Lastly, we formed the small groups in which we will be working for the following months.

The #PDSFF23 preparations have begun!

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