Call for submissions #PDSFF22

Positively Different Short Film Festival, 11 – 13 March 2022, Athens

Two years into a narrower life, filmmakers keep inspiring us with their resilience. They exemplify that power and imagination can’t be confined. PDSFF is a time of appreciation and celebration of this lot.

We invite all filmmakers, documentarists, visual content creators, students and emerging artists to submit their shorts from the fields of fiction, documentary and visual arts. We are particularly interested in the topic of intersectionality; in the stories of communities and individuals that, due to their intersecting identities and complex experiences regarding their gender, sexuality, race, class, ethnicity, religion and able-bodiedness, remain unseen.

Positively Different Short Film Festival focuses on the multiple facets of oppression and aspires to further creative works, cultural networks and political causes from and about the ‘invisibles’ of modern societies. Our team and audience are charmed by aesthetic coherence as much as they are excited by robustness, simplicity and tacitness. Shorts that reflect bold visions, grounded sophistication, original viewpoints and personal urgency are, essentially, what we look for.

The festival will feature a curated catalogue of approximately 35 short films that will be screened at TRIANON cinema in Athens from March 11 to13 competing for 3 prizes – Best Film Award, Audience Award, Best Greek Production. Concerts, workshops and masterclasses, special screenings, poetry-slam sessions and discussions will assemble an intense three-day celebration of diversity and togetherness.
The festival will support all finalists to join in person.

Early bird submission deadline: 20/09 (free)

Regural submission deadline: 31/10

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