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Positively Different, Short Film Festival, 19 - 28 Μarch 2021, Athens

Gender, sexuality, race, class, ethnicity, religion, able-bodiness – are determinants of our present and future, life prospects and obstructions. PDSFF2021 focuses on their intersections and follows stories of characters, individuals and communities that experience oppression due to identities they carry. Shedding light on life paths of “others” – often through realism and humor and other times through abstraction and experimentation – the festival aims to give space to co-creation, networking and shaping of collective claims.  Our aspiration is to turn PDSFF into an institution for promoting intersecting identities and raising awareness on issues of discrimination and oppression experienced by individuals and groups that fall through the cracks of representation in contemporary polities.

Produced by: Inter Alia


Announcement of PDSFF 2021 awards


Positively Different Short Film Festival Best Film Award

Positively Different Short Film Festival Audience Award

Positively Different Short Film Festival Best Greek Production

This is Right; Zak Life and After


This is Right; Zak Life and After

Honorable Mentions

My Other Son

The Daring Young Girl on the flying Trapeze



Positively Different Short Film Festival Travels to France

On the occasion of the international meeting on European values and the value of Europe that took place in Loche, France, organised by Europe en Berry Tourraine, PDSFF conveyed a message of equality, empathy and solidarity. An audience of great diversity, adolescents, youngsters and elderly people from 20 European countries, enjoyed a special screening from the 2020 and 2021 collection, offering an intersectional view on contemporary challenges of European communities. Able-bodiness, sexuality, age, refugeeship and mental health were among the issues touched through fiction and documentary movies from across Europe. The screening included the following movies:

Happy, 8’, Greece
At Night I Dream, 16’, Luxemburg
At the Schoolyard, 10’, Greece
I See in the Dark, 16’, Slovenia
Down the Wire, 14’, Italy

PDSFF21 x CineParko | Autodiaxeirizomeno Parko Navarinou

The curatorial team of Positively Different Short Film Festival presents this year’s winners and audience picks in open air pop-up screenings in some of our favorites city spots during July.  

Last Wednesday we gathered at CineParko | Autodiaxeirizomeno Parko Navarinou and watched some of our feel good shorts along with some of the Greek directors. Thanks for the full house! 

Each screening comes with a differentiated program seeking to narrate a specific storyline. Catch a screening if in Athens and come say hi! 

Next available date:

23/07 @Plateia Exarcheion

PDSFF21 x Summer Screening | ΤΡΙΑΝΟΝ Οpen Air

Last Sunday, we had the pleasure to screen some of this year’s audience favorites, award-winning shorts and honorable mentions to the festival’s main venue, TΡΙΑΝΟΝ.

The editorial team of PDSFF21 presented two curated sets in PDSFF21 first open air session in Athens and facilitated a Q&A discussion with the invited directors on filming from a position of privilege, underlying motives and on creating safe spaces for less represented communities.

Catch a screening if still in Athens and come say hi!

Next available dates:

14/07 @CineParko | Autodiaxeirizomeno Parko Navarinou

23/07 @Plateia Exarcheion

Positively Different Short Film Festival at ΤΡΙΑΝΟΝ Open Air

Positively Different Short Film Festival throws its first summer screening for 2021. This year’s winners and honorable mentions will be presented in two sessions along with some of the curatiorial team’s favorites. The films will be projected with greek subtitles.

The screening will take place at the 4th of July at the festival’s main venue yet summer-ish;

Rendez-vous at TΡΙΑΝΟΝ Open air

Tickets will be available at the box office from 3 euros/slot or 5 euros for the whole day.


Submissions for 2021 are now open!

This year’s call for submissions is up! 🍿
Building up on the success of 2020’s event, urged by intensified injustices as a result, among others, of the pandemic; moved by the uprisings against racism: Positively Different Short Film Festival returns!
We invite all filmmakers, documentarists, visual artists and film students to submit short movies from the fields of fiction, documentary or visual arts.
Check out the official call in the link below, submit your films, and see you in March 2021!

Positively Different Short Film Festival joins Zagoriwood

Up in the mountains of Epirus under a magical August full-moon, PDSFF held a screening of selected movies from the 2020 catalogue in the framework of Zagoriwood film festival and workshop. Along with local citizens and film students, in the main square of Kato Pedina, films about intersecting stories and shared struggles against oppression were screened. The discussions that followed with participants and teachers in the workshop were enlightening as to how to make the upcoming festival even better.

Big thanks to Zagoriwood organising team for the invitation and to the local community of Kato Pedina for the warm welcome. See you next year!


Positively Different Short Film Festival at CinePark

Thank you for this great turnout and the participation in the screening of these wonderful short films.
We especially would like to thank Navarinou Self-Managed Park for hosting us – see you at the next one!
Have a great summer!

Pre-festival screening Photos

PDSFF was introduced to the audience with its first pre-festival event on Friday, 10th of January, almost a month prior to its official opening at the 13rd of February at Trianon. The attendees had the chance to discuss the festival’s core thematics and to participate in crafting the official 2020 festival selection by selecting amongst the semi-finalists.

Stay tuned!


At a glance...


Positively Different Short Film Festival 2020

Positively Different 2020 Aftermovie

Positively Different 2020 Trailer

Positively Different 2020 Teaser

Jury Committee

Maria Giovanna Vagenas

After having studied Philosophy in Genova and comparative literature in Vienna, she did a post graduate in Cinema Studies at La Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris. She has been working for more than a decade for the Viennale as program consultant, curating special programs and retrospectives. She collaborates with the Berlinale, IFFR Rotterdam, the Italian Film Festival in Annecy and is a programmer for the FFDUL of Lugano. She has been a project reader for the Doha Film Institute. Besides some academic publications for the Presses de la Sorbonne Nouvelle, she has been a film critic for the daily South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) for several years. She presently writes for Senses of Cinema and Schermaglie.it

Yannis Kantea-Papadopoulos

He was born in Athens in 1994. Since he can remember, he has watched movies and listened to music, with the necessary breaks for the games of PAO and Liverpool. He started writing for cinema on Toutestein and Reel.gr, while maintaining a radio show on Poplie Radio and making his first attempts behind the camera directing and participating in short films. Before graduating from Panteion University’s Department of Political Science and History, he was a member of the production team of the Zagoriwood Film Festival. In recent years he has been writing for cinema in Athinorama, while collaborating with other publications. He has also collaborated with the Thessaloniki Film Festival and the Drama Short Film Festival. He is a member of the Hellenic Film Academy and the Panhellenic Association of Film Critics.

Konstantinos Aivaliotis

Konstantinos Aivaliotis holds a PhD in Social Anthropology with a special research interest in Visual Anthropology and Multimedia Ethnography, Documentary and Ethnographic Cinema and Film Festivals as cultural organizations and the role of the film industry in education. He is a graduate of the Department of Social Policy and Social Anthropology at Panteion University (Specialization in Social Anthropology) and holds two postgraduate degrees in Educational Anthropology (Rouen University, France) and Visual Anthropology (England, Goldsmiths College, 2008). Member of the program team at the Athens International Film Festival – “Premiere Nights”, while in the period 2017-2020 he was the Promotion Director at the Hellenic Film Center, and today he is the Director and founding member of ETHNOFEST and the festival of the same name.


TRIANON is not a building where a business struggles to survive.
TRIANON is countless individuals who are struggling to support entrepreneurship in art

Having hosted everybody who is passionate about art.
Having relentlessly supported young Greek filmmakers.
Having resisted the decline of downtown Athens.
Believing every moment that “PATISION Lives”.

More info at: TRIANON.GR


All ready to attend?

Tickets will be available on the venue for the price of 3€ per slot.

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