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Positively Different Short Film Festival

Gender, sexuality, race, class, ethnicity, religion, able-bodiedness – are influences of our present and future, life prospects and obstructions. Shedding light on life paths of “others” – often through realism and humor and other times through abstraction and experimentation – Positively Different Short Film Festival aims to act as a reference point for raising awareness with regards to intersectionality and discrimination, providing a safe space for co-creation and networking.

PDSFF23: Resistances​

PDSFF23 – Resistances, 16 – 19 March 2023, Athens (main event), Berlin, Bologna, Zagreb, Malta, Barcelona, Dakar (simultaneous screenings of awarded films).




PDSFF loves twists! This year, the festival grows and transforms into a trans-local cinematic space of creation and resistance with parallel screenings in Athens, Istanbul, Belgrade, Zagreb, Dakar, and Berlin. We create a new space where we can be together in all our diversity: safe and brave at the same time.

The curatorial team of PDSFF23 divides 37 short films from 17 countries into seven narrative sets. Each set reflects concerns, ideas and explorative attempts to understand better the different worlds we live in and the ones we wish to create. The festival selection looks holistically and critically into the concept of intersectionality; the sets examine its entangled nature and its limits in relation to universal assumptions – the concepts of body, space, boundaries – but also realities that we constitute – relationships, communities, everyday life. The screening program is complemented by discussions, music and multimedia performances.

This year’s finalists will compete for four awards – Jury Award, Audience Award, Best Greek production, Curatorial team award – accompanied by cash prizes in an effort to provide practical support to creators.




Festival Information

RSVP: https://fb.me/e/2DqBpiTPY


16-19 March 2022

TRIANON | Kodrinktonos 21 & Patision 101 (Metro Victoria):

General admission: 5 euros /set (3 euros for unemployment card holders / students / disabled people)

Produced by Inter Alia






PDSFF23 Volunteers Training

On October 22 & 23, returning and new volunteers, along with the organisers of the Positively Different Short Film Festival, gathered at Inter Alia’s office for a two-day training.

On the first day, a series of activities and energisers were organised, where participants had the chance to get to know each other, but also discuss inclusion and address the concept of privilege, reflecting on personal and collective experiences.




Silent discussion

For the purposes of the first day of the training, which aimed to familiarise the participants with inclusion and privilege, the methodology of silent conversation was implemented. Silent conversation aims at providing participants with equal opportunities and a safe space where they can freely express their opinions in writing.

Three large poster-size papers were laid out on the floor, each one posing a different question:

“What does intersectionality mean for you?”
“Which identities, experiences, social positions affect your life and that of the people around you?”
“How do you think inclusivity is created? What do you need for a safe space and how do you make it for others?”

The participants were given markers and post-its and were encouraged to walk around the room, answer questions, respond to what others have written, leave comments and share thoughts.

At the end of the activity, everyone had the opportunity to speak in a group discussion and reflect on the process.

On the second day of the training, emphasis was placed on the film selection process. We talked about the festival’s values and approach, about the concept of content warning and about addressing violence without providing any extra space for it.


In order to simulate the process of the film selection, three short films were screened from the previous years:

  • At Intersections (6’)
  • This is Right; Zak Life and After (13’)
  • Feeling Through (18’)

This gave the opportunity for discussion on specific films. Lastly, we formed the small groups in which we will be working for the following months.

The #PDSFF23 preparations have begun!




 Call for volunteers


It’s this time of the year!

As we’re collecting shorts from all around the globe, we’re also looking for our PDSFF23 film selection Volunteers’ team!

What you will gain from joining our team:

  • Experience and professional training on:
         a. film critique
         b. the intersectionality framework
         c. event accessibility
  • Collaboration with an international team of committed and motivated people
  • All access to screenings and side events

What we’re looking for:

  • Cinema related experience (professional, educational, volunteering)
  • Interest in the topic of intersectionality
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Inclusion mindset

Complete the form below by September 25 & join the PDSFF23 team:




“Positively Different Short Film Festival is a great festival! From my experience as a volunteer I got to know better its ideology, the people behind the festival and of course watch many films that investigate intersectionality through a cinematic and sometimes poetic gaze. I especially enjoyed the communication with the organizers, who were both friendly and professional. But, apart from the preparation, I really enjoyed my experience during the days of the festival, as well as the connection with people who came to watch hard-to-find and extremely exciting films.”
on PDSFF22 volunteer experience

PDSFF22 x Zagoriwood

On 22/7 #PDSFF22 goes to Zagoriwood! 🐐

Until then, we read what Mel Kalfanti said to Stella Elmatzoglou from 3point magazine about its Positively Different schedule, visibility, and a snowy March weekend ✨ Many thanks to Stella and our friend from the magazine! ✨ 


The curatorial team of #PDSFF22 and Inter Alia warmly thank all the people who made this event so unique – guests, creators, volunteers and of course, all of you who attended and filled the TRIANON room for three consecutive days. Over the course of the festival run, 35 shorts were screened competing for three cash awards. The official selection was complemented by the open discussion ‘Symptoms of Masculinity’ and the ‘Living Library’ event. Los Tre band completed Saturday’s program with a full house jazz live. PDSFF22 wrapped with over 20 international guests, 1500 euros in cash prizes and over 1700 visitors and attendees. Stay tuned! #PDSFF23

More photos at: @positivelydifferentff

'Symptoms of masculinity' Round-table Discussion

Trianon cinema was filled with an audience eager to discuss with involved experts from diverse fields, coming together to analyse gender-based violence as a symptom of dominant masculinity and alternative ways to discuss the concept and reexamine its meaning.
The panel involved Anna Kouroupou, director of Red Umbrella Athens, who shared her experience of trans activism and precarity as a trans sexworker; Anna Maria Papacharalambous, an actress that is among the ones who inspired the explosion of the #metoo movement in Greece, coming forward to share her experience of gender based violence in the arts sector; Dimitris Terzis, a journalist with many years of experience, discussing how gender roles have changed in this demanding sector; Aggeliki Serafeim, a lawyer who explained what could be achieved if femicides were recognized as such by the law; and Antonis Poulios, psychoanalyst, sharing his thoughts on the influence of the gender binary in the construction of the human psyche. The panel was facilitated by Mel Kalfanti, member of PDSFF’s curatorial team and doctoral student.
The audience remained invested in the panel discussion and had a lively participation in the following discussion, sharing professional and personal experiences on the topic.

PDSFF22 x Masterclass on Film Critique

The Masterclass on Film Critique with Yiannis Kantea-Papadopoulos was followed up with our final meeting on Saturday the 6th, where we met physically and virtually to talk about intersectionality.

We had the chance to get an insight on the theory behind the festival’s rationale, discuss our experiences related to our multiple and conflicted identities, and learn from each other, through games and discussions. The next phase, that of programming, is about to kick off and we couldn’t be more excited! #PDSFF22

2022 Awards

Positively Different Short Film Festival Best Film Award

Positively Different Short Film Festival Audience Award

Positively Different Short Film Festival Best Greek Production

Bridging the Gap

The market man

To Vancouver

Honorable Mentions

The Old Man


An Ocean

In the silence of an abyssale sea


Positively Different Short Film Festival 2022

Positively Different 2022 Trailer

'Symptoms of masculinity' Round-table Discussion​

Positively Different Short Film Festival 2021

Positively Different 2021 Trailer

Positively Different Short Film Festival 2020

Positively Different 2020 Aftermovie

Positively Different 2020 Trailer

Positively Different 2020 Teaser

Jury Committee

Robbie Eksiel

A journalist and a film critic, Robbie Eksiel was a film writer for the daily newspaper Ethnos from 1993 and its chief film reviewer from 1998 to 2017, a writer at the Greek film magazine Cinema from its foundation in 1989 to its last issue in 2017, and a contributor at several weekly or monthly variety magazines through the years. He has served as artistic director at the Greek Film Center (2007-2009) and as a member of the governing council at the Greek Association of Film Critics (2006-2016). A FIPRESCI, European Film Academy and Greek Film Academy member, he has also served in several FIPRESCI juries (Toronto, Tromso, etc) and as a member of the Discovery Awards Nominations jury for the EFA for three consecutive years. He is a contributor at the film site www.flix.gr, a programming consultant at the New York City Greek Film Festival and the artistic director of the Larissa International Film Festival.

Ines Johnson-Spain

Ines Johnson-Spain is an independent German/Togolese filmmaker based in Berlin. She studied Scienes of Religions at Freie Universität Berlin (FU) and was a guest student for Fine Arts and painting at University of Arts Berlin. During the many years as a scenic painter and in other positions of the art departments of national and international film-productions she worked among others with Peter Greenaway, Anders Thomas Jensen, Lana Wachowsky, Andrej Swjaginzew. Johnson-Spain teaches scenic painting at Film University Babelsberg and worked for different film jurys. Since 2002 she develops and realizes her own documentary film projects. Her work focuses on intimate portraits that explore the notion of self and affiliation. More recently she is working together with two other colleagues on a fictional feature-length script. Her films have been screened and awarded at prestigious local and international film festivals, galleries and exhibitions.

Kostis Theodosopoulos

Kostis Theodosopoulos studied at the Department of Communication, Media, and Culture of Panteion University and worked as coordinator of film masterclasses and open discussions at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival. He moved on to take up the position of head of programming for the Athens International Film Festival, which he held for more than a decade while also pursuing further studies in film. His debut short film “Rouge” had its International premiere at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam 2020 and its North American premiere at Palm Springs ShortFest 2020. It won 3 prizes in Greece’s Drama Short Film Festival – National Competition (Best Newcomer Director, Best Screenplay, Best Make-Up).


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TRIANON is countless individuals who are struggling to support entrepreneurship in art

Having hosted everybody who is passionate about art.
Having relentlessly supported young Greek filmmakers.
Having resisted the decline of downtown Athens.
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