Positively Different Short Film Festival 2024 | Love & Revolt

PDSFF24 is a trans-local cinematographic space of creation and resistance. We collectively negate the existing order that disconnects and confines film-makers, communities and struggles. We claim a new space where we can be together in all our diversity – safe and brave at the same time. PDSFF24 is the fifth edition of the Positively Different Short Film Festival. The central event will take place from 7 to 10 March 2024. The festival features a curated catalogue of approximately 35 short films that will be screened in Athens, competing for 4 prizes – Best Film Award, Audience Award, Best Greek Production, Curators’ Award. Concerts, workshops, masterclasses, and discussions will assemble a four-day celebration of diversity, communities, and resistances. Special screenings of the award-winning films will take place in 10 other locations throughout the year.


Gender, sexuality, race, class, ethnicity, religion, able-bodiedness influence our present and future, life prospects and obstructions. Shedding light on life paths of “others” – often through realism and humor and other times through abstraction and experimentation – Positively Different Short Film Festival aims to act as a reference point for raising awareness with regards to intersectionality and discrimination, providing a safe space for co-creation and networking.